Covid 19 Policy &

Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Tilden Memory Care, we understand that choosing a senior care facility in Alexandria for your loved one is no easy task. There are many options for assisted living, nursing homes, and other senior care facilities in Alexandria for home care. You’ve likely looked through many senior caregivers’ websites and brochures already. We want to make it as easy as possible to find a place that can meet the needs of your loved one.

There is a lot of fine print out there these days, especially with the larger or more corporate care facilities. It seems like there is always another unexpected cost to deal with, or too many care packages to choose from. But here at Tilden Memory Care in Alexandria, our senior care facility does things differently! We want to make things as simple as possible. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions and information on our COVID-19 policies:

What is your resident to caregiver ratio?

We have at least a 4:1 ratio in our home during the day, with an alert and awake staff member during sleeping hours.

What do your rates include?

Our care rates are all-inclusive with no surprises. We provide 3 home-cooked meals per day, snacks, housekeeping, laundry, towels/linens, organized events and activities, and assistance with daily needs such as bathing, dressing, hygiene, eating, etc. We do not charge extra for medication management and our rates never increase as the disease progresses.

How can I pay for assisted living?

Most people pay privately, out of savings or from family support. Some also pay using assets or equity, veteran’s benefits, or long-term care insurance.

Can you offer the level of care that larger facilities can?

Absolutely, and even better than that! Our boutique home and small number of residents allow us to give more personalized assistance than most large, impersonal facilities. We have an LPN on staff and our co-owner is a licensed nurse practitioner, an even more advanced designation than an RN.

How are you handling COVID-19?

We are one of the only senior living communities in northern Virginia employing the most robust defense against disease outbreaks: contact tracing. Our CarePredict technology allows us to quickly identify all the residents, staff, and visitors who were exposed to a suspected carrier and take the appropriate countermeasures. For more information, please see:

In addition to following the current guidelines set by the CDC and local authorities, our 8-bed home has a significant risk advantage over larger facilities due to our smaller staff size and limited number of residents. If another outbreak were to occur, our single-story layout easily allows all residents to safely visit with loved ones through the large windows in each of their private bedrooms.