Customized Care

Perfectly Designed

To Meet Your Needs

The staff at Tilden Memory Care includes some of the best and most dedicated dementia caregivers in Alexandria, and we couldn’t do what we do without them. Our team is here to provide personalized assistance for all stages of dementia, and we understand that it’s the personal connection that truly sets us apart from other Alexandria senior care homes. When you have a boutique care home with a small staff, it feels more like a family than a big, impersonal facility. We love that everyone knows everyone’s names here, and our caregivers often form long-lasting and meaningful relationships with our residents.

Most Alexandria assisted living facilities are frankly understaffed, with overworked caregivers taking care of 12-15 residents on each shift. They are also constantly shuffled between different floors and departments to meet the demands of the facility, not to best serve the needs of the residents. Many assisted living caregivers are sent over to work in the facility’s memory care unit, but they have little experience or training to provide proper dementia care.

Here at Tilden Memory Care, we believe that your loved one deserves better than that. Our luxury home sleeps no more than eight residents at any given time, and during the day we often have at least two highly-trained, Alexandria based dementia caregivers providing an industry-leading 4:1 resident to caregiver ratio. The home is staffed 24-hours a day with an awake and alert night-time registered medication aide providing prompt assistance as needed.

Instead of performing only nursing tasks like at larger facilities, our caregivers are more like “personal assistants” who attend to all the physical, social, and emotional needs of our residents. For example, the same person who helped you get dressed this morning may then make you a delicious homemade breakfast before taking you outside for some light morning exercise. Having a small, well-qualified group of dementia caregivers in Alexandria means fewer people coming in and out of our home, reducing the spread of disease, causing less noise and commotion, and maintaining tighter security. And of course, it fosters real relationships between our residents and staff, enhancing the experience for everyone involved.

Interested In Meeting Our Team?

Administrator, Owner

Wade Chilcoat, CDP, EDAL

Wade was a former English teacher in South Korea where he was fortunate enough to meet the love of his life, Dongjin. Although Wade will always have a passion for teaching, he was looking for a change as education has slowly morphed from personalized in-class learning to impersonal virtual instruction. As a born people-person, Wade yearned again for a chance to work directly with people and make a positive impact in their lives. Returning back to the USA to be closer to family and raise their young son in America, he was dismayed to see how poorly the West treats its elders as compared to South Korea. Tilden Memory Care was born out of a desire to help seniors with dementia enjoy their golden years with dignity and joy. In addition to earning an MBA, Wade holds certifications as a licensed Virginia assisted living administrator, nursing aide, and medication aide.

Director of Nursing, Owner

Dongjin Chilcoat, FNP-BC

Although born in South Korea, Dongjin completed her undergraduate nursing degree in New York City and is in her final semester of a nurse practitioner program at George Mason University. As a nurse practitioner, she will be permitted to prescribe treatments, order tests, and diagnose patients—duties normally performed by a physician. Dongjin has over a decade of experience working in ICUs, operating rooms, and running clinical pharmaceutical trials, and this experience is an invaluable asset in ensuring our team continues to provide top-notch care to our residents. Dongjin feels blessed to work together with her husband and provide loving care to seniors and their families in need. In addition to graduating from her NP program and opening Tilden Memory Care, Dongjin and Wade were recently blessed with  the birth of their second son.

House Manager

Eva Addo, LPN

As fate would have it, Wade first met Eva when she was his nursing instructor for the clinical portion of his certified nursing aide program, and she taught him once again when he was completing his medication aide training. Wade was so impressed with Eva’s professionalism, compassion, and leadership abilities that he invited her to be a part of the Tilden journey. The rest, they say, is history. Although she doesn’t look it, Eva has almost two decades of direct-care experience working at various senior living communities in addition to her experience leading nursing students through the clinical portions of their nursing programs. At Tilden Memory Care, Eva will help Wade hire and train staff, keep the home running smoothly, and provide world-class care to our residents. She is excited about bringing best-in-class care to our residents that only a small residential setting can provide. When she’s not teaching or helping others, Eva loves singing, dancing and enjoying some delicious jollof rice with chicken- yum!